Keynote Speeches

Understanding “The New Leadership Imperative”

Convincing influencers that business leadership will set the agenda for the planet’s future can be difficult. Our situation is compounded by the fact that global change ultimately requires political power and will. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the influence of business is so pervasive that our and our planet’s future are completely intertwined with business.

Engaging & Actionable

The Leadership Circle keynote speakers focus on an essential and compelling agenda:

  • Our world needs leaders dedicated to creating a thriving future for global business and our sustainable collective welfare
  • The future requires leadership with the creative capacity to invent the future and the capability to navigate the delicate balance between short-term profitability and long-term common good
  • Leadership must evolve if we are to create a future different than the one we are now facing
  • Organizations will succeed when they significantly upgrade their inner “operating system” to be able to embody the kind of leadership that can create the envisioned culture

Audiences consistently give Bob high marks for his dynamic and cerebral approach to leadership. Contact us about having our keynote speakers present to your organization or at your next event.

The Leadership Circle Summit 2018 Part 1 of 2

Bob Anderson and Bill Adams keynote address about their new book Scaling Leadership.

The Leadership Circle Summit 2018 Part 2 of 2

Bob Anderson and Bill Adams keynote address about their new book Scaling Leadership.

Bob Anderson – Conscious Capitalism Conference 2018

Bob Anderson speaking in Barcelona on the imperative of developing conscious leaders.

Evolving Higher Levels of Leadership

Bob Anderson speaking in Sydney at the annual Summit in Asia Pacific.

The Importance of Developing Leadership Complexity

Bob Anderson speaking in Sydney at the annual Summit in Asia Pacific.

More about Bob and Bill

Bob Anderson

Founder, Chairman, & Chief Development Officer

Bob has dedicated his career to exploring the intersections between leadership and personal mastery, and between competence and consciousness. The creator and author of The Leadership Circle Profile, an integrated and innovative leadership assessment tool, Bob is a true pioneer in the field of leadership development and research. As the founder of The Leadership Circle, and co-founder of Full Circle Group, Bob lends his expertise to developing practitioners around the globe to carry on the powerful work derived from the tools and offerings these two companies provide to leaders. He has also written two books with Bill Adams, Mastering Leadership and Scaling Leadership.

Bill Adams

Chief Executive Officer

Bill loves people and is passionate about relationships, leadership, and business. He is a serial entrepreneur who has started, owned and sold multiple businesses. As one of the founders of Full Circle Group, a premier leadership consulting firm, and the CEO of Full Circle Group, North America and The Leadership Circle, Bill brings thirty years of experience to his clients – the CEOs of major Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits, and private equity start-ups. In addition, Bill has also written Mastering Leadership and Scaling Leadership with Bob Anderson. As a trusted advisor, teacher, consultant, and coach, he works with CEOs and top teams in fulfilling the promise of leadership.

Cindy Adams – Women in Leadership

Cindy Adams talks about women in leadership and the findings from The Leadership Circle’s database.  Reflecting on her own professional and personal path she discusses the challenges and opportunities that women are faced with but also how that reflects their leadership styles.

Steve Athey – Narrative Identity and The Constructed Imagination

At The Leadership Circle SUmmit in Asia Pacific in 2017, Steve discussed individual capacity for self-authoring, deconstructing what that means through a past that we curate informing our present and our future identities.

Cindy Adams

Senior Vice President of Organizational Development and People & Founding Partner of The Full Circle Group

Cindy has dedicated her practice to helping leaders achieve outcomes that matter, make a distinct difference, and create sustainable results – both professionally and personally. In her role as a Partner at Full Circle Group, Cindy combines her finely-honed understanding of leadership development, organizational behavior and change, adult stage development, and organizational systems to guide leaders, their teams, and their organizations to achieve desired and required results.

Steve Athey

Founding Partner of The Full Circle Group

Steve, a senior partner, and former CEO of Maxcomm, Inc. is one of the founders of Full Circle Group. The Full Circle Group is a global consultancy dedicated to evolving the conscious practice of leadership by focusing on the inseparable nature of effective leadership and business performance. Steve combines a profound curiosity about life with a deep belief in the inherent potential of people. With an integrated approach to long term development, he specializes in helping executives and their teams reach their full performance potential. As a master coach, Steve is committed to helping his clients maximize not only their contribution but their personal experience of leadership.