Leadership Culture Survey Certification

Make collective leadership a competitive advantage. Enhance your work with groups, teams and leadership cultures.

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Both individual AND collective leadership effectiveness are required to create great organizations where everyone thrives. Senior leaders create culture by their presence and authority. They create a “leadership culture” by the way they lead together. Culture sets the pattern and tone for all of the organization’s leaders, reinforcing a way of leading. Whether it is effective or not, leaders/managers get the message about “what’s expected.”

Research tells us that 38 percent of organizational performance can be traced to the impact of collective leadership. Helping your clients improve their collective leadership can give them a competitive advantage and the ability to create a thriving workplace for everyone.


In this one-day experiential program, you’ll learn how to use the Leadership Culture Survey (LCS) to provide senior leaders with feedback/insight regarding their collective impact. The Leadership Culture Survey is based on the integrated Leadership Circle framework and measures leader’s perception of their current leadership culture and compares/contrasts it with their own description of the ideal culture necessary for strategic and organization success. A detailed gap analysis shows specific, actionable areas for improvement.

Additionally, though already certified to use the Leadership Circle Profile Group Report, you will deepen your knowledge on how to use the Group Report with leadership teams. The Group Report provides another look at the team’s collective effectiveness by aggregating all of their individual Profiles. Customizable meeting designs for using the Leadership Culture Survey and the Leadership Circle Profile Group Report will be shared.



Completion of Leadership Circle Profile Certification is required before attending this program.

  • A pathway to scale your influence and impact as a leadership consultant beyond coaching individual leaders
  • An efficient and powerful collective leadership assessment, to help you catalyze conversations with leadership teams around awareness of their impact
  • Road-tested meeting designs for working leadership teams, that lead to strategy-level action planning
  • Networking among high-level practitioners who are providing collective leadership development
  • Exposure to compelling case studies for both Leadership Culture Survey and Leadership Circle Profile Group Reports; including baseline measures and follow-up re-measures
  • Exploration of the link between collective leadership development and a maturity/complexity of mind framework, that enhances collective effectiveness and business performance
  • Working with collective leaders to synthesize key focus areas instead of creating a shopping list of actions/to-do’s
  • Approved by International Coach Federation for 5.41 CCE units
    • Core Competencies 3.58 units
    • Resource Development 1.83 units


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